c           u           s           t           o           m                    f           i           t           t           e           d

    S    P    E    C    I    A    L    T    Y          C    A    S    E    S                                                             


"I wanted you to know that I received the first piece of luggage yesterday... It is really elegant! The job is first rate and you dealt with all the complexities of the job to my complete satisfaction. I can't wait to see the second piece of luggage for the literature collection. Thank you for being so thoughtful in reducing my ideas to a practical piece of luggage."
                                                                                                      - Craig Miles

Tool Case for an E-Type owned by Craig Miles

Literature Case for an E-Type owned by Craig Miles

Custom Spats Case for a 1963 MK II owned by John Warfield

MK II Custom Spares Case for a 1963 MK II owned by John Warfield

Triumph Custom Spares Case for a Triumph TR3 owned by Mark Shaw
Attache Case to match your luggage with or without marquee logo 

The above cases represent the original luggage pieces in size
but were custom designed for their particular usage.

I am open to suggestions for your specific needs.
Please call or contact with any questions

Taris Charysyn and Co.
Route 42
West Kill, NY 12492
FAX 518.989.6273

Copyright Reserved 2004

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